Foods That Will Lower Blood Glucose Levels

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    So, don't ignore this one otherwise you have to pay a lot and suffer a lot.If hyperglycemia indicates high blood glucose level then obviously hypoglycemia will mean low blood glucose level. Hypoglycemia can even occur in diabetic patients too! Yes, no need to think Diabetes Destroyer Review that diabetic patients will always have their glucose level high! Usually this happens when the patient take more than the suggested dose of insulin or other diabetic medications. A blunt headache with vision problems, dizziness, sweating, shudder and confusion are the symptoms of hypoglycemia and headache is the starter. Even healthy people could become hypoglycemic if they take lower amount of carbohydrates in their meal. The quickest solution to hypoglycemia is to give the patient sugar or glucose as this can be easily metabolized by our body to maintain the glucose level. And remember, if not managed in the early stage, this hypoglycemia could result in convulsions; make you unconscious and could even lead to death.

    A high level of blood glucose could cause nerve damage or injury which is medically known as neuropathy. Neuropathy in diabetes patients could make the situation worse. Nerves which originate from our brain and brain stem are known as cranial nerves and these cranial nerves could be the victim of this neuropathy incidence especially in diabetes patients which will ultimately cause severe hammering headaches.Most shockingly, doctors don't apprehend these headaches often or misdiagnose as migraines and as a result both diabetes and headaches remain untreated until something really bad happens. Here are some tips for immediate measurement when the headaches start. Massage the forehead starting from the centre and keep doing it until the pain eases or have a cup of coffee.

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