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    Discount air travel is not hard to find. It will take Scientific Trading Machine a little searching and it is also best to plan at least 30 days in advance to get the best rates. Air travel prices are constantly changing, it is best to search at night. It is also important to do as much research ahead of time before your purchase your tickets.Silver (argentum): has an atomic number of 47 which means it is the 47th element on the periodic table and carries 47 electrons. It has a hardness rated between 2.5 and 2.7 and is therefore one of the most malleable of all metals. Silver is a white, lustrous metal prized for its purity and formability and because it can achieve the most brilliant polish of any metal.

    The first major source of mined silver, is generally considered to be Turkey which served as the main source of silver for the near East, Crete and Greece. The early Egyptians used silver in their religious ceremonies and to create their articles of worship and it was considered more precious than gold.However a concentrated effort to mine silver began around 3000B.C. and the first sophisticated processing of the mined ore has been attributed to the Chaldeans at around 2500B.C. After the destruction of the Minoan empire in 1600B.C. the mines of Laurium, near Athens became the leading producers of mined silver. These mines proved to be highly productive, and for approximately 1000 years the Laurium mines were the largest source of silver in the world.

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